Frequently asked questions

Do not hesitate to contact us should you have a question not listed below and we will answer it as soon as possible.

How does IBO guarantee its independence?

IBO does not manage money on behalf of third parties. Its unique role is one of supervision. The remuneration system excludes IBO contractually from any potential conflict of interest. Independence and impartiality are the building blocks on which the IBO services are built.

How secure are the data transmitted?

Data and infrastructures are secured using highly sophisticated cryptographic security systems and meet the latest requirements for securing financial data. In addition, all data are kept strictly anonymous and do not in any way enable a portfolio to be linked to a person. The data we store are purely statistical in nature.

The IBO indices, what are they and how are they done?

IBO indices are indices that represent the compiled results obtained from many different entities for real investment portfolios. They are produced independently by IBO and are an excellent point of comparison for your own portfolio.